Thursday, May 28, 2009


Inquiring minds would like to know how an Eskimo came to be the mascot of Chicken Charlie? To add more confusion, the postcard on the right bears testament that there was a Chicken Charlie’s restaurant in Kalamazoo, MI but with a different mascot. The two obviously bears no historical connection other than my assumption that 1) Chicken Charlie was not meant to be a food/restaurant character 2) it is a cheap souvenir or 3) an earlier attempt to market an Eskimo character from the present day “Arctic Circle” franchise. - Masud

Who is Mr. Chips?

“He is the man who developed the cookies that came in the same box as this comic book --that’s who!

He’s the man who finds time to roam the Burry Bakery 20 hours a day putting more chocolate chips into his chocolate chip cookies!

He’s the man who, when the job’s done, is still chipper enough to appear on television to tell you all about his three great varieties of chocolate chip cookies as well as appearing in his very own adventure comic book!

So three cheers for MR, CHIPS -- the man who broke the “chocolate chip barrier.”

(Copied from the inside cover of the Mr. Chips comic book shown above, dated 1965)

With obvious reference to the kingdom of Mysore in India and the civil rights movement this little comic is just amazing -- for more cool characters check out our book AD BOY - Masud